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Commercial Links Between India and Turkey

Commercial Links Between India and Turkey

Both countries, India and Turkey have had bilateral economic and trade relations since 1948. As per the recent report, the trade engagement of India with Turkey is expecting a rapid expansion with a target of $10 billion by 2020. Obviously, a more ambitious target is likely to be set in the next few years. Thus, providing great opportunities for investors to expand their portfolios and take benefits of these operations in Turkey.

Turkey Has Started Focusing on Foreign Investors

Recently, a member of TOBB has given a statement, according to which, Turkey has started focusing on Asian countries to bring highly profitable foreign trade opportunities to the investors and expats in the country. He also added that Indian companies will make Turkey as their production base and will increase the demand of several markets.

It has been also found that construction and engineering sectors would be at the top to grab these collaboration opportunities to their highest potential. It means people who are looking for investing in these sectors can highly expect tremendous growth for several coming years. For them, it’s the right time to think and make the right investment in the right place.

Export Items from Turkey to India

Gold, Marble, Oil Seeds, Raw Metals

Import Items to Turkey from India

Petroleum, Textile Yarn, Vehicle Spare parts

The Tourism Trade Between Turkey and India

If we talk about the tourism trade between Turkey and India, by the end of 2019, more than 189,100 Indian tourists visited Turkey. Moreover, Turkey is also a preferred location for Indian wedding ceremonies, thus these numbers will significantly increase in the future. Hence, investors can think of profitable businesses in Turkey’s tourism industry with long-term investment.

When both countries have complementary commercial transactions, this opens the doors for many other opportunities that reinforce the dynamic of Turkey’s economy and bring the potential to the world with multiple business organizations in varied sectors.

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