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Can I and My Partner Adopt in Turkey?

Can I and My Partner Adopt in Turkey?

Can I and My Partner Adopt in Turkey?

The issue of adoption in Turkey is regulated in the Turkish Civil Code, which came into force in 2001. Besides this law, there are also international conventions applied in Turkey. The most important of these is The Hague Convention of 2004 on the protection of children and cooperation between countries in terms of adoption. In addition to the Turkish Civil Code and the International Convention, there are provisions for adoption in other laws.

The Hague Adoption Convention or the convention on protection of children and cooperation in intercountry adoption, international adoption, child trafficking and child trafficking is an international agreement. Signed may May 29, 1993, the Convention entered into force on May 1,1995.

The main objectives of the convention are;

• Protection of the child in international adoptions in accordance with international law
• Taking measures to prevent child abductions among adoptive countries
• Ensuring that inter-country adoptions are made within the framework of the rules set out in the convention

In short, the adoption of foreigners in Turkey has become possible with The Hague Convention. However, conditions similar to those in our law are also included in the contract. It is not possible for foreigners to adopt in Turkey unless the conditions in the contract are met. According to the convention, the competent authorities of the country in which the adoption will take place will check whether the necessary conditions are met.

Adoption Process May Be Denied

In addition, an adoption that is certified by the Competent Authority of the state in which the adoption is made in accordance with the convention shall be recognized by law in other states parties to the convention. In a state party to the convention, recognition of an adoption may be denied only if it is manifestly contrary to public order, considering the superior benefits of the child.

Adoption applications can be made in Turkey as well as abroad. Turkish citizens and foreigners who have at least one-year residence permit in Turkey can apply directly to Social Services.

Legal Consequence of Adoption

As a legal consequence of adoption, the adopted child shall enjoy all rights, including inheritance, that a biological child enjoys. Adoptive parents have the right to rename the adopted child.