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Business Consulting in Turkey

Business Consulting in Turkey

People who keep an eye on Turkey, know that Turkey is a country with enormous opportunities for foreign people who want to earn their living in Turkey. It is true that Turkey government gives some extra benefits to foreign investors who have a healthy amount to invest in Turkey. But that’s not always the only opportunity for foreign people! The foreign people who don’t have a huge amount to invest can still grab the opportunity. Yes, we are talking about the booming industry of consultancy services.

Business Consulting Service Market of Turkey

Back in 2014, the Turkish consultancy market started to grow from about $410 million. Presently the Turkish consulting market is one of the highest growing industries in Turkey with an average growth of 8% per year.

Being a developed nation Turkey is considered a Newly Industrialized Country (NIC). That’s why Turkey has an emerging market economy. With very high progress in the industrial sector, Turkey presently has a booming economy and market that requires lots of services from different sectors. This is why consulting services are in high demand in Turkey.

Factors about Consulting Market

There are a few other factors that helped to grow the Turkish consulting industry. Some of these factors are;

Being located in both Europe and Asia continents the business consulting industry attracts many countries from both the continent.

There are already many foreign investors in Turkey from different countries that seek help from Turkey. Possibly this is why in Turkey GDP service sector contribution is more than 60%.

Investors from countries like the US, Germany, and the UK rely on legal and financial advisory services of Turkey.

Why Consulting Service Market Is an Opportunity for Foreigners?

Now for the past few years due to the popularity and growth in the consulting market, many Foreign citizens who want to relocate to Turkey are choosing consulting services as their business.
Especially within skilled individuals setting up different types of consulting service businesses are very popular. One reason is the demand for these services but that is not a single reason.

Actually there are many reasons behind the popularity. Some reasons are;

To set up a consulting service business a foreigner can go alone and can set business as a sole trader.

For setting up any consulting service business in Turkey, foreign people need no special requirements or qualifications regarding that subject. If someone has a qualification that is a bonus for getting success but not mandatory.

Some services have high demand but there is a lack of availability so that services get very good returns. Like engineering services, legal advisory services, accounting services, etc.

As there is already a lot of foreign investors and many foreign investors are interested to come so all these services are always in high demand.

For any foreign people settling a business of consultancy service in Turkey is easy and convenient. Depending on the interest anybody can choose from Information technology, Business Development, financial, accounting, legal advisory services.