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Breast Cancer Treatment Turkey

Breast Cancer Treatment Turkey

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer overall and in 2018 around 2.1 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer. A big factor that is considered in choosing the treatment center is the pricing, and the family should know the honest and real answer of how much the treatment will cost and how much time will be taken.

Turkey, the Eurasian country offers patients an easy and affordable way to beat breast cancer. Turkey is a country brimming with natural resources and amazing beaches to ease off during treatments. Let’s take a look at why you should choose Turkey for cancer treatment.

Why Should You Choose Turkey for Treatment?

Main reasons for choosing Turkey are:

Filled with natural landscapes

You will be wondering what the connection between cancer and natural is. The reason is simple; the mental strength during the treatment will give you the power to beat cancer. The calmness of the sea, the beauty of natural landscapes, and the market of Turkey will give you an ample amount of time to ease off during the treatment period.

The Healthcare System

The Turkish government will offer you amazing help during your treatment. The rates are down compared to other countries; in the UK it costs around $9000, in the US it costs a whopping $20,000 but in Turkey, it cost a meager amount of $3,000. This stat clearly shows the difference and how cheap Turkey is for breast cancer treatment.

High costs for your treatment will affect you mentally and monetarily and that is why the Turkish economy thrives as medical tourism.

The World-Renowned Facilities and Staff

Doctors, nurses, and staff are trained no less than many European countries as they have to pass through all the tests to maintain the quality and procedure to cure breast cancer. World-class hospitals, amazing rehab centers, and a morale-boosting environment are the key to Turkey’s success in attracting medical tourists.

Your treatment can be done in just 25 days as per the Turkish cancer program. You will be allowed 2 travelers with you while staying 5 days in the hospital and 20 days outside the hospital. With treatment and stays, you will be charged the meager amount of $9,000 and that is way cheaper than other countries and the reason why people choose Turkey over any other country.