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All You Need To Know About Serviced Offices

All You Need To Know About Serviced Offices

All You Need To Know About Serviced Offices

Emerging markets always attract the attention of global capital as well as private individuals from all around the world. It could be easier for a major big scale company to establish its body in a new company comparing to a smaller scaled company or investor?

Why a Property Consultant?

Vast majority of big scaled companies and investors have already their global partners in solution which provide them local guidance. It is inevitable to expect saving time and money by using the right partner in solution to evaluate the local conditions. You may use these services to find the right solution for your residency, office for your start-up or hopefully enlargement of your business. Even if the commercial body that you are involved in has a global partner in solution, it is a very high probability that the local team of that partner can be specialized in commercial properties only and cannot help you with your residential demands as much as required. In such a case, the best option for you would be working with a recommended local property consultant.

Offıce Options for Start-Ups, Liaison Offices or Your First Offıce in Turkey

London has West-End and City, Paris has Avenue des Champs-Élysées and Istanbul has Esentepe-Levent district and Maslak in European Side and Kozyatağı-West Ataşehir district in Anatolian side. These are the main Central Business Districts and are expected to remain to be so for centuries.

Due to the nature of developments, office units in these districts begin with app. 225 sum (gross), therefore their costs may be a bit more than what you may desire. On top of this, there is a unique issue for Turkey; “withholding tax”. Vast majority of these office units belong to private individuals which is a situation that compels the tenant to pay 25% of the net rent amount on behalf of the landlord to the related tax office, and is definitely not deductible from tenant’s tax debts.

On the other hand, any property owned by a company or sub-leased by one (which is an extremely rare case) or leased by a serviced office operator is subject to 18% VAT, which is totally deductible from tenant’s rent debts; which offers the tenant 25% advantage comparing to an individual office unit.

The Most Efficient And Cost Saving Solutions

Not only the tax advantages but by providing the top-quality office furniture, overall service charges for security, air conditioning and ventilation, reception services and even electricity, water and internet consumption costs; serviced offices promise the most efficient and cost saving solutions for your Turkey station.

There are a number of serviced office providers in Turkey as well as office buildings with individual office units. In order to find the best solution for your needs or the individual office unit that you may require, it is essential to ask for a proper guidance for local solutions.