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All that you want to know about Hindu wedding in Turkey

All that you want to know about Hindu wedding in Turkey

Planning a Hindu wedding in Turkey? Read on for guidance.

A wedding is a lifetime event and who wouldn’t want to make it memorable? One of the trendy ideas for a wedding is to arrange a destination wedding. And when you think of a destination wedding, one of the most popular destinations is, of course, Turkey. Istanbul, Bodrum, and Antalya are three such Turkey cities that are the chosen destinations of several millennial couples from across the world. It is the grandeur of a city like Istanbul that adds to the glamour and glitz of the wedding.

Why Choose Turkey as Your Wedding Venue?

With breathtaking backdrops and rich heritage, Turkey is also the proud home of several century-old architectures. Do you know that Istanbul is the only city in the whole world that is located in both Europe and Asia? Istanbul is the city that defines the concept of “east meets west.” Istanbul also hosts luxurious wedding venues next to the serene waters of the River Bosphorus, which offers a surreal view of the city with amazing entertainment choices and lip-smacking food. In other words, if you plan to host a Hindu wedding in Turkey, Istanbul should be your best choice.

Plan a Hindu Wedding in Turkey

If you are planning a Hindu wedding in Turkey, the first thing that you need to take care of is to get a Turkish wedding planner on board to plan your grand wedding. Getting in touch with a Turkish wedding planner will provide you with a no-hassle, seamless experience. The agency will take care of everything about the wedding. You will not have to bother about anything like venue booking, food, décor, hospitality, traveling, and accommodation of your guests or even the post-wedding formalities. You simply need to let the Turkish wedding planning agency know about your requirements. They have the requisite expertise and several years of experience to handle a wedding as per your requirements.

Visit Turkey to Choose a Venue

If budget is not a constraint, you can plan your wedding in different parts of Turkey. Apart from Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya are also well-known wedding destinations. Several wedding venues in these cities can mesmerize you with their old-world charm and modern vibes. It is a good idea to visit Turkey at least 9- 10 months before the wedding date to arrange for the venue and to hand over the wedding plan to the Turkish wedding planner agency.

Book Your Tickets to Turkey

Flying your guests to Turkey is an important task just before the Hindu wedding in Turkey. It is a good idea to avail the services of Chartered Planes by Turkish Airlines for flying in guests from different parts of the world. A single chartered plane can bring in around 300 guests to Turkey on one journey. So eventually, it is a cost-saving opportunity for you.

Best Time to Plan a Hindu Wedding in Turkey

Summers can be rather warm in Turkey and the winters too are pretty chilly. The best season for hosting a grand Hindu wedding in Turkey is between July and November or February and April.

A Complete Guide to Arranging a Grand Hindu Wedding in Turkey

If you want to have a country feeling at the wedding, it is a better idea to fly down entertainment artists and chefs from the country. You can also fly down DJs and photographers, etc. if your budget permits. Else, hiring a reputed wedding planner agency in Turkey will suffice.

Do not forget to recce the chosen venue with your partner before finalizing the wedding setups and the decorations.

Hindu Wedding Traditions and How to Enjoy them

A traditional Hindu wedding is very well planned and is a vibrant affair. It is full of traditional celebrations and festivities. If you want to enjoy a Hindu wedding in Turkey, here is a quick guideline about how you should attend a Hindu wedding:

What Should you Wear to a Hindu Wedding?

The traditional Indian wear includes Lehengas and Saris for women and Sherwanis for men. Usually, the wedding attire is designed with lots of embroidery and sequence work which makes them look glamorous and attractive. People like to wear bold and vibrant colors at Hindu weddings.

How Long Does the Wedding Last?

Usually, a Hindu wedding lasts for three days. Each day has different rituals that the bride and the bridegroom participate in. The Hindu wedding ceremony starts with a Mehendi and sangeet. Followed by the marriage and the reception. Sangeet is an event in which the bride and the groom along with their family and friends participate in fun and frolic with lots of dancing and music. Mehendi ceremony is the applying of Henna in intricate designs on the palms of hands and feet. The henna leaves a nice red mark on the palms of the hand. The main wedding ritual depends on the time that is determined by a Hindu priest.

The vidaai ceremony signifies the end of the wedding ritual. It is a symbolic end of the festivities. The parents give farewell to their daughter by handing her over to her husband. In this ceremony, the bride leaves her home and goes to her husband’s home to start a new life.

Turkey has always been a famous tourist destination. It is now trending as a destination wedding venue too. The Turkish Tourism Board is promoting the country acts as a wedding destination across the world. Turkey is home to unique cultural and historical heritage. It also offers world-class hospitality with its amazing hotels and transportation services.

A wedding is an event that will change the course of your life. Plan your Hindu wedding in Turkey in such a manner that the event is etched into the memory of your guests forever. Who doesn’t want to have a dream wedding with lots of grandeur and fun? And when it is the grandeur that you plan, there is only one place to be in the world and that is in Turkey.