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5 Guiding Books on Anxiety Treatment

5 Guiding Books on Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is the body’s response to stress, and It’s natural. Intense and constantly worrying about everyday situations. The first day of a job, going to a job interview, or public speaking may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous, and it may occur at a fast heart rate, sweating and feeling tired.

Basically, it’s a feeling of fear about what’s coming and a feeling of fear may be with you all the time. So, anxiety can be normal in stressful situations. But if your anxiety is on an extreme level and if it lasts longer than months, you may have an anxiety disorder.

If you are struggling with anxiety, then self-help books on anxiety treatment can be beneficial. The books below offer different ways about how to solve an anxiety problem from different perspectives.


Author – Barry McDonagh

A new and effective way to end the anxiety and stop panic attacks fast. Dare is one of the best books for tackling anxiety symptoms from different perspectives. The books mainly focus on thoughts and challenging them instead of ignoring it or feeding it.

The anxious thoughts you feel or you experience are just thoughts they are nothing more. They don’t represent the real you. They are the result of stress hormones that are interacting with your creative mind. The dare response is a new and effective way to heal anxiety.

This anxiety treatment book helps the way anxious people think about their problem which leads them to a new peaceful life. In the book, examples are down to earth, written in a simple language. You will be motivated to go out and change the way of life.


Author- Edmund J Bourne

It is exactly what the title is. This is a well-known workbook for anxiety and phobia. This book promises a lot more relaxation, how to stop negative self-talk, imagery and real-life difference, different lifestyle, nutrition, as well as different techniques. Holistic approach for fear, disorder and worry.

This book provides an in-depth discussion about every kind of treatment available for someone who is working on anxiety. Offers a different way of how to deal with sorts of anxiety disorders.             

The book offers easy but powerful and effective exercises that engage the reader into not just learning about anxiety. But, more on understanding how to change their response to anxiety. The Most important thing about this book is exercises and making it hands-on, “how-to” the book in learning to cover with anxiety.


Author- Paul David

At last, a life’ is a natural and complete cure for anxiety disorder. This book has had huge success around the world. And referred by doctors and therapists to patients.

I want to live a peaceful life” is something anxiety sufferers want. This is achievable for those who suffer. When you are going through anxiety disorder it can feel like you’ve lost your life and will find it hard to get it back. Author Paul David wrote this book to share his story. So this book is about his personal story as well as research.

Paul David goes into depth about how he lost his job, the issues he faced in his social life as well as personal life and restrictions, all the way up until he eventually recovered. All these things are written in a very emotional manner. So, you will be motivated and change the way of life and inspired by his story.


Author- Meredith Arthur

Meredith Arthur, she is the founder of Beautiful voyager which is a popular mental health platform. The book is written very beautifully as well as it’s a beautiful one from a visual perspective too. With this book, you can learn to control your thoughts and give direction to them, navigate your stress, and understand your anxiety.

This compact, illustrated book offers various methods or arts for understanding anxiety and moving through the pits of overthinking. This book is full of exercise and suitable for over-thinkers in the modern world. So, basically, it is aimed at a modern audience who are looking for support.

The book is a manageable way to deal with anxiety disorder, calming visuals and quite stressful thoughts. A good resource that takes a non-prescriptive approach. The writing is pithy and relatable. The author explains the basics, allowing the person who read the book to explore and research specific topics and ideas more deeply on their own.


Author- Dr Elizabeth Lombardo

Better than perfect will help you to crush your inner critic and make a life you love to have. The author offers stepwise instruction to find balance and freedom.

This book defines perfectionism in an easy-to-understand way and shares case studies with the author’s patients to highlight the situation. The book has the ultimate goal of helping who suffers from this disorder and helping readers to achieve happiness without the stress of making sure that things are perfect.

The book also includes practical exercises and suggestions for changes. Dr Elizabeth’s strategies will assist you with getting your own specific way to make the life you need one that is loaded up with joy and achievement.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion, but it is quite subjective. Mainly medication and talk therapy are used to treat anxiety and disorder. Lifestyle changes, like getting enough sleep and regular exercise, can also help to tackle anxiety. Some therapists and doctors suggest that the foods you eat may have a beneficial impact on your brain if you frequently experience anxiety.

There are some natural remedies that are used for anxiety

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Meditating
  • Exercise
  • Working out
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcohol

These seem like some positive ways to help you eliminate some anxiety. In the same way foods, you eat may have a beneficial impact on your brain if you often experience anxiety. Many ways foods can boost your brain health and anxiety.

  • Dark chocolate
  • Yoghurt
  • Green tea
  • Salmon

It is very necessary to understand that anxiety disorder can be treated. Although anxiety usually doesn’t go away, we can learn to manage it and live a happy and peaceful life.