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10 Things to Know Before Owning a Dog

10 Things to Know Before Owning a Dog

“Things to Know Before Owning a Dog?” This question plagues so many people when they want to get a dog but are scared of what it is like. If you too are considering getting a dog, this article will hopefully help you to make a well-informed decision.

There are numerous reasons for owning a dog. They are playful, loyal, shower you with unconditional love, are fun to be around and are great companions overall. However, they are also living beings so need taking care of. So, here is a list of things to consider before owning a dog.

10 Things to Know Before Owning a Dog

Yes, dogs make for extremely fun, friendly and fluffy pets. But they are also living beings who have feelings. So, before you decide, here is everything you need to know before owning a dog made into a list of 10 points.

Be responsible

This is the most important point. A dog, like having a child, is a lifetime commitment. Your dog will not be the fluffy and fun companion forever. It will grow old, have ailments and would become more and more dependent on you with each passing day. One of the most important things to consider before owning a dog is this, you must take care of it until it passes away. And, it will pass away soon enough because the average lifespan of a dog is about 12-15 years maximum.

Vaccines and vet visits

Make sure you have a good vet handy before getting a dog. You would need to take your dog for yearly vaccinations and check-ups. So, it is important to have a good vet around for when you need to take your dog for medical emergencies.

Pet boarding/sitters

Do you travel frequently? Even if you travel once a year, you would need to arrange a pet boarding or a pet sitter to take care of your dog when you are away. Not many people include this in their list of things you need to know before owning a dog. But it is extremely important. Otherwise, you will be stranded with your beloved dog at home for as long as your dog lives. Or worse, will return from a trip to the news of your lost dog because of irresponsible pet sitter or boarding.

Constant grooming

Understand that your dog is just like a child. It would need help washing and cleaning. If you are considering owning a very furry dog, be prepared to groom it daily. Or your home will be filled with the fur it sheds. What to know before owning a dog about shedding and growing fur? You need to brush every day and give them a proper shower once a week and feed them food that helps them grow healthy fur.

House training

Another very important thing to consider before buying a dog is bathroom training it. You have to fix a place where it can relieve itself or take it out for regular walks. Either way, you have to train it to go only in places where it is allowed and not anywhere at home. There are professional dog trainers who conduct such training or you can do yourself too. You would probably find quite a few training videos and guides online.

Playtime and walking

Dogs need exercising as much as they need petting and cuddling. If you cannot take your dog out for regular walks, make sure you play with it at home. If you don’t play with your dog or take it out for walks, it will soon become sick and cranky. Asking any professional vet about what to know before you buy a dogwould get you this answer. You need to give your dog enough exercise to keep it healthy, mentally as well as physically.

Safety and security

As it is mentioned so many times above, dogs are like children. They do not understand their own safety. You need to make sure there are no dangerous food items like chocolate lying around the house or no plants that are toxic to dogs. These are not very common things to consider before owning a dog, nevertheless, they are extremely important.

The expenses

This is another very important thing to consider before buying a dog, the expenses. Dogs cannot only eat human food they need extra nutrition and good quality dog food is expensive. Your dog can also playfully chew up your shoes, mobile phones, furniture or rugs and add to your expenses. Vet visits are not exactly cheap either. So, make sure you consider these before getting a dog.


Your dog is a living being with feelings. If you are planning on having a child in future, make sure you get a breed that is family-friendly and has a calm demeanour. Dogs can be temperamental and different breeds have different emotional acceptance. Before buying a dog, research on the breeds well and get one that would be most suitable to you and your family.

Lots of love and cuddles

If you cannot love, cuddle your dog and spend time with it, don’t get a dog. You have to discipline it like a small child but never abuse your dog by hitting it or screaming at it. Dogs love their humans and want to stay by their side at all times. Be prepared to give and receive a lot of cuddles. This is one of the best things to consider before owning a dog.

What Do I Need to Know Before Owning a Dog?

If you find yourself asking this question, you have the answer now. The above 10 are the things to consider before owning a dogIf you are looking for more detailed information on what to know before you buy a dog, it would be best to ask a vet. Just research well about what you need to know before owning a dog before you buy one.

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