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10 Steps to Know Your Residence Permit Application Fee

10 Steps to Know Your Residence Permit Application Fee

Some amount of fees is required when you are applying for a residence permit. You shall need to pay for the residence permit fee and the card ID fee.
These fees occur for foreigner nationals who apply for the first-time application, renewal application, or application for transfer foreigners.
The residence permit application fees vary between each applicant. It depends on the intended purpose of traveling and the applicant nationality.

Steps to Know How Much is your Residence Permit Fee

Now foreigners can access the details regarding on how much probably they should spend in order to apply for a residence permit.
You can check it using any kind of mobile device or computer. As long as you can reach the internet.
Below is a brief step to help you to check your residence permit application fee.

1.    Enable your internet access, open your browser, and go to 

2.    You will be led to a page inside the website.

There is a title in the top center that sounds like: ‘Welcome. Do you want to reside in Turkey?’
Below the title, there are 4 buttons with logo that each of them provides different services.
They are:
•    What is a residence permit? Who are eligible for it?
•    Health insurance for foreign nationals.
•    Family residence permit.
•    Residence permit renewal procedures.

3.    Choose the first one (What is a residence permit? Who are eligible for it?). This is a button with the question mark logo.This will lead you to another page. The new page has a kind of Q&A section. It contains some frequent question from peoples.

4.    Click the question ‘How to calculate the fees for residence permit?’ Then, an answer will appear. In the end of the sentence, there is one phrase that is written in bold.

5.    Click the bold letters. ‘Residence Calculation’. This phrase actually contains a link. After you click it, it will bring you to another page.

6.    you will enter the page with the title ‘Residence Calculation’. It has a tool to calculate how much you will need to pay for applying a residence permit.

7.    Choose your citizenship. They provide a list full of country from any continent.

8.    Choose your type of residence permit. There are three options. They are short term residence permit, accompany residence permit, and student residence permit.

9.    Enter your final date of entry in Turkey.

10.    And lastly, click the ‘Calculate’ button.

After all of those steps, they will show you some detail fees inside the Table of Official Expenses and Costs. It contains Residence Fee, Book Cost, and Visa Fee.

Besides, they also inform you about the time frame you can get the residence permit.

However, if you still have some confusion about this, you can contact any expert to help you when applying a residence permit.